Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tea cup Tuesday

Hello everyone. This is my second T.T. post.

The cup I am going to share is this:

It is actually of the same shape as the first cup I shared last week, I did not realize that until I was taking pictures of the fruit cup.

I like the shape as well as the flower patterns. The flowers decorate the cup all round. I also like the elegant handle which imitates the vine of the plant.

It is unmarked(only the words--Bone China, Made in England was printed ) but I guess it's made by Queen's China as the shape and style are the same as the fruit cup I shared last week.

The flower is called Magnolia. I like the elegant shape and the leaves. The stigma of the flower reminds me to lead life with passion. Have passion for life!

Life seems plain sometimes but passion keeps energy of life going.
Do what we like and like what we do is the way to go.

I also feel thankful for the seller who took trouble to post this set to me from the US. At first he did not want to ship out of US because he had trouble walking. But then realizing how much I like this set, he agreed to post it to me. He is the good example of someone who likes his job/likes what he is doing---selling things online.

Thanks for letting me share.

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  1. Dear Felicity,
    Welcome to teacup blogging! You will have fun and learn and see beautiful things and make long distance friends. Your magnolia cup is gorgeous!!! What country are you writing from?
    Please come visit Barbara and me at
    We love our teacups and are always posting about something tea related. Ready to put up a new post tomorrow but come and see older ones too.
    Glad you joined us!

  2. Beautiful magnolia teacup. I love the wide rim.

  3. What a beautiful cup the painting on it is superb,and thank you for sharing...