Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tea cup tuesday

Hello everyone. Happy New Year of 2013!

I am new here and glad to have found a place to share with you my collection of tea cups.

This is the tea cup I am sharing today:

I came across this cup at a flea market during my first trip to London, England. I was drawn to its combination of the vibrant colors of warm yellow, red and deep violet.

One side of the exterior of the cup is decorated with a pair of cherries which are my favourite fruit.

The other side of the exterior of cup is decorated with blue berries.

This cup was made by Queen's China England. Judging from the stamp, I guess this cup is labeled as a 'second' because the manmade scratches of the stamp found on both the cup and the saucer. But it does not stop me from keeping it as the color is so warm and is suitable for winters.

Humans are interesting creatures. We label things, and even label ourselves(or other people). But take a moment to think about it, we see beauty in imperfections and imperfections are parts of beauty. Therefore, there is no need to reject imperfections. We need to accept imperfections as parts of ourselves and others.

Thank you very much for letting me share! See you in the next post!


  1. Hello Felicity, welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday and welcome to Bloglandia! Yay! I am excited to hear you will be sharing your cups with us. We do love to see new cups! This one of yours is really lovely. Fruit on a cup is always beautiful. The cherries on the front is fab! The gold sponging on the edges is beautiful too! This is my favorite shape of a cup, full and wide. It cools tea quickly and works well to drink from.
    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi again, I was wanting to message you and thank you for the help you gave me concerning my cups, but I could not find a way to do so. You are part of Google + and unless someone is also part of Google + we can not reach you. Anyways, thank you for your helpful advice about my two cups!
    Hugs again,