Monday, June 10, 2013

Easter Lily by Paragon-- faith to walk thy path

In the past few months, I could feel that things happened in sequence to test me to the max. I lost this and that, mostly I lost things that i need to survive in this material world. And thank God, I did not lose my spiritual side, the one thing that makes us human, that one thing that links us to the higher realm. 

I could feel that I was in the dark. I saw the ugliness of human hearts and the irony is that how this ugliness is celebrated by society and how it works well to bend those who are sided with the light. Certainly the world is full of duality. Where there is light, there is dark. At the moment I feel that the light is yet to shine brighter to maintain a healthy balance of the world. 

I asked myself many times if I need to change myself in order to adapt and survive in this world. No, i dont need to. I just need to work around it to protect myself. Along the path, two people told me not to change. They must have seen something precious in me that made them say that. If i dont keep the light, if i switch off the light, the world will get darker and darker. If more people switch off their light because they think it helps them to survive. sure the dark will win at the end. 

The world is heading to a crazy direction. Instead of spending time to admire God's beautiful creation of the world(the nature, the art), people are plotting every second to destroy each other, that is what they call survival skill. Observe nature, we seldom see animals killing their own kind, even lions dont do that, they merely protect their own land and get rid of intruders, they fight, but they dont seek to eliminate. Only when their lives are threatened, they seek to kill. But humans are not like that, the fear and needing to control and their own imagination are doing the tricks to them. When there is no dangers, they seek to destroy first. 

I hope that the world will become a better place and that people start putting more trust and faith in it. Actually there should not be fear and needing to control. Things will fall into places if we learn to trust the human heart. 

Like the easter lilies in the paragon cup, I hope that humans can remain a pure heart and keep their own light even though at times it seems that walking a dark path helps reach their goals faster. following the dark is like forcing something to happen while following the light is like letting things to happen in their own courses. The dark sure can help you reach your goals faster but when there is time to leave this world, you would have wished you had chosen a bright path. 

I am joining Terri and Martha for tea cup Tuesday. 

Have a lovely week!