Monday, March 24, 2014

Downton Abbey --- Tea trio for Mary

When I first watched Downton Abbey, Mary is the one I am quite fond of, but as time goes by, I find her rather arrogant and sometimes ignores other people's feelings. She has her own struggles of course. Being the oldest daughter in her family, she has her own burden to carry. I guess all those tests she faces shape her into a more mature person.

I find this mauve tea trio quite a match to Mary's status and characters. The tea trio is by Wileman/Foley/Pre-shelley. I think it is in the style of Art Nouveau. The fern leaves reflect how the maker in that era put nature into everyday life objects. The color mauve/lavender is as popular as the royal blue for upper class I guess. The shape of the cup makes it a pleasure to drink from. Everything about this set is nature. 

I hope that you enjoy looking at this tea set as I do.

Have a nice week.

I am joining Terri and Martha for Teacup Tuesday. 


  1. Your English tea trio is stunning! I love the shape and the color as lovely and fit for Downton Abbey, for sure!
    I, like you feel the same way about Lady Mary, lately...but maybe she'll become warmer as it looks like she's liking her childhood!

  2. I totally agree with your choice of cup to represent Lady Mary. That is a stunningly gorgeous tea cup trio! The pattern so intricate and such a fine coloring. I mentioned DA tonight on my post too!

  3. One of my favorite shapes and colrs for Wileman. Gorgeous! And Mary would have loved it!

  4. What a gorgeous scalloped set! I've not seen this pattern before. Happy Spring :)

  5. What an exquisite trio!
    I have to admit I've never watched Downtown Abbey but thank you for sharing your thoughts on Mary's character.
    I'm the eldest of seven and born mid 20th Century so I can identify a little with her!

  6. Hello Miss Felicity, well that set is certainly worthy of Downtown Abbey, I love the color and the pattern is superb, have a lovely tea with your gorgeous set, the napkin looks fabulous with the cup and your yummy dessert, thanks for sharing, have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))..

  7. Such a lovely trio! A very beautiful piece to have in your collection! It suites Lady Mary perfectly.

  8. Oh, my! Your Foley trio is stunning! Suits Mary! Happy Tea Day!

  9. Your tea cup trio is lovely! The shape and pattern make it so delicate! You're right, it would be perfect for Lady Mary.

  10. This is one amazing trio. I sure wish I had one. Have to go repent! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  11. What a stunning trio. I love the colour and I love ferns, this is just so gorgeous. Elaine

  12. What a lovely trio. I have had a couple of mauve tea cups sets over the years but nothing as lovely as these!

  13. It is indeed a Beautiful Pattern with a Lovely Shape to it all! So glad to have discovered the Blog Tea Party this afternoon so I could Join in with Kindred Spirits that Enjoy the Ritual of Tea, Sharing the Experience and Hosting it all with Beautiful Teacup Collections! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. Querida Felicity
    Me alegro mucho de encontrarme de nuevo contigo y siento no haberme pasado a visitarte más a menudo.
    Tus tazas son preciosas y me ha encantado que las hayas relacionado con las protagonistas de Downton Abbey.
    Venir a tu blog es un verdadero placer para mí
    Un Beso

  15. How lovely. I haven't seen a set like this one. So glad you shared it.