Sunday, March 9, 2014

Downton Abbey --- tea trio for Edith

Today I would like to introduce you to this lovely tea trio by Royal Albert. It is a lovely dainty set with simple yet elegant handle and design. It is a common set that you can find online easily. I guess the set was produced in the 90's. 

This set goes well with almost every type of tea. I find that sometimes it is strange to find that some tea cups do not go well with certain kind of tea but this set really can bring out the favour and character of the tea. Although this set looks common, it is the most practical one. You really cannot judge this set by its looks and you will know its place in your tea cup collection once the tea is poured into this cup.

This set of tea cup reminds me of Edith in Downton Abbey. Edith is a lady with lovely character but somehow she has been ignored by her family and kept being walked on by Mary. I think that if she can see her own value and gives herself credit, she can be more confident and does not need to live under her sister's shadow. It is just that she tries too hard to win everyone's approval that she lost her own characters. Like this Royal Albert tea trio, she really has to know her own place in the world and appreciate herself without getting everyone's attention or approvals. She needs to know that even a plain lady can be of importance. And sometimes confidence can add more charm to the person than the looks can.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

I am joining tea cup Tuesday with Terri and Martha . 


  1. Beautiful Felicia, I love the gorgeous Royal Albert teacup, cake plate and very Downton Abbey with a piece of cake and tea! Have a lovely week.

  2. Gorgeous teacup set! and yes it definitely is Dowton Abbey. Your cake looks tres yummy and beautiful ... visiting from Martha's and Terri's tea.

  3. A Royal Albert trio! How lucky you are to have it. It is very elegant and pefect for tea at Downton Abbey with Lady Edith. Happy Tea Day!

  4. I love your reference to Downton Abby for tea time. The Royal Albert cup and saucer is a keeper for an elegant or simple tea. The cake is a special treat at any tea party. Have a delightful week!


  5. Wonderful post! I love seeing your beautiful and romantic trio. The dessert really does look so very tempting : )

  6. How lovely. Mmm, I could just go for a lovely cup of tea and a sweet and your cake looks absolutely delicious...and here I am on a sugar free diet to lose those few pesky pounds.

  7. First, I completely agree with you about the taste of tea in different teacups. I find the shape and quality of a teacup really does matter, and I can't drink coffee out of my teacups and vice versa.

    Second, you are so right about a person accepting and appreciating who they are and being secure and confident in themselves. If we are doing what is right and good, and as best we are able, we need not look to others for our approval . The tea set trio is lovely and the dessert looks scrumptious !

  8. Hello Miss Felicity, sorry it's taken me so long to get here, I've been real busy, both trio,s are gorgeous in their own different way, I see your a big DA fan, I don't have cable so no tv for me LOL, I'm just glad your posting again with your lovely tea cups, I'm still looking, have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS)))..