Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roses wear make up too

Do you wear make up? Sometimes I do.

blue leaves look so artificial, luckily the plain pink saucer balance it out.

Whenever I wear make up(just foundation and blush and darken my eye brows, no eyeshadows), some people have a bit of reactions. Some tell me that make up is bad for the skin because they are made from chemical materials. Some hint to me that the days they dont wear make up, people think they are sick so they give up wearing make up. Others--my best friends just have some uneasy look at the first sight of meeting me.

(photography courtesy of Makeup artist). Well, this style is too exaggerating for me. Nude make- up make up is for me.

I used to be like that too so I understand them. I used to think that wearing make up is a superficial act and people who wear make up lack confidence or are fake. I had a very negative view point towards those who wear make up. I changed my opinions when I was in university because sometimes I had functions to attend and sometimes I was invited to a wedding. I thought that wearing a cocktail dress without a proper hairdo and make up looks a bit strange so I slowly learned how to do my own make up so that i didn't need a professional to do it for me. I learnt that wearing make up can be an act of showing respect to the occasion.

Nowadays when I feel like it I wear make up because to me every day can be a special occasion to celebrate. If I am meeting friends I have not met for a while, I try to make an effort to look good for them. This is the way I show I care. Sometimes putting on make up can brighten up my days. Putting on make up is a kind of meditation for me. I know my weaknesses and I do not try to cover them all up. Instead I just try to bring out my strength/nice features. I like nude make up so even though I am wearing make up, my little freckles still come through and I like every bit of it because they look so natural. I learn to appreciate what I have and accept my imperfections.

But if people must wear make up in order to go out/do grocery shopping, then they need to be careful because it can indicate some mental blocks.

I think as long as I wear my make up in moderation. That's fine. But i dont understand since when it's ok to not look your best and dressing your best/wear make up is objected.

Now back to the tea cup. It's a lovely set with roses with blue leaves all around. Its maker is Aynsley. I find the number 28 as part of backstamp. I read it somewhere long ago that starting from 1924, Aynsley started to use number to indicate the year the set was made. So you add the year number--24 + (number at the back; in this case 28 = 52 (so this set was made in 1952). Please experts here correct me as I am not sure if it's the way to find out the manufacture year.

The other side also has a rose so if you are left-handed, you can still enjoy your tea while admiring your cup.

The roses with blue leaves look a bit artificial, it reminds me not to overdo it when it comes to putting on make up for myself.

I hope all of you have a nice week and that sometimes beautifying yourself does not hurt and it's one of the ways to love yourself and care enough to look best for others too.


  1. Hello Felicity,
    Lovely thoughtful post. Your Aynsley is so romantic in pink and blue! You rarely see these colors, blue leaves indeed! But it is perfect!

    Makeup is a fascinating subject. I have never been one for making use of it. I put it on and then end up rubbing most of it off! lol! But I have a secret love for MAC makeup, and I LOVE the eye image you share. But as I am over 50! I think maybe it is not my time for that kind of creative expression! lol!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and tea with us.

  2. Dear Felicity,
    Your pink rose teacup is beautiful! Love the pretty pattern. I like to wear makeup when I go out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Felicity: Your Aynsley is amazing. I love the blue leaves. Thank you so much for sharing it with us this week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. Your teacup is so pretty! Interesting how you compared the blue leaves to wearing make-up. I DO wear a bit of make-up and I'm a Grandma.Not TOO much. I look pale without a bit of it. Have a lovely week! sandy :)

  5. a lovely teacup. I wear mascara most days and a touch of lip color. I'm hopping over from Teacup Tuesday to leave some hugs on your lovely blog.

  6. That teacup is not like any other. The pink is so pink and the rose is so colourful and so delicate. I don't wear make up everyday either: I do wear some for special occasion and if I have time in the morning on week days (so mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays... I'm always a bit late when Wednesday shows up!).

  7. Such a pretty cup, lovely painted roses, I like how it fades pink to white down to the pink saucer,very interesting the blues leaves.. Well in my younger days I wore a lot of makeup , now older no more:):). I think one has there own chose to ware it or not, no rules. Just what ever you like..