Monday, February 11, 2013

Roses for ladies from Royal Albert

It's love at first sight.

Unwrapping and seeing this beauty, my heart jumped.

It has the quality of a lover.

It inspires me when the fountain of inspiration is dry;
It brightens up my day;
It gives me strength when my days are gloomy;
It brings a smile on my face whenever I see it;

And of course, I am never tired of it.

It is the cup from Royal Albert in my favourite colour--hot pink/barbie pink.

The well of the cup is decorated with roses with petals in different shades which make the roses more lively.

The roses in the cup can compete with the real roses.

Speaking of roses, I always prefer pink roses to deep red roses. They are lighter. Red roses for me are too solid.

Anyway, whichever the color of the roses, they are the flowers of love, they are the best messengers of love and they are the best agents to bring you love.

With this post, I wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. The day to celebrate and spread love to your other half, families and friends.
May cupids look after those who are single as well and make each one of them a perfect match!

Fairy wishes! Cheers!


  1. Hello Felicity,
    Your newest cup is beautiful! That really is a hot barbie pink! And it is glorious with the beautiful bouquet of roses that graces the inside!
    What a lovely cup to add to your collection just before Valentine's Day!

  2. I love the color of your teacup - so rich and elegant.
    The roses on the inside are so pretty.
    Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day

  3. Hi Felicity,
    This is a gorgeous tea cup, in a beautiful pink with rose decoration...just inside to make it more elegant!
    And what to say of the lovely bunch of real roses you brought to keep it company! They're in a peach colour that I love.
    Have a great week!

  4. Felicity, this IS a beautiful cup and I love that you call it "Barbie pink".I know what you mean about how just seeing a favorite teacup can brighten your day and inspire you. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to more of your posts.

  5. I love pink roses best, too. And your hot Barbie pink teacup is gorgeous!!

  6. Encantada de conocerte.
    Tienes un bonito blog lleno de preciosas tazas de té.
    Visitarte ha sido un placer
    Un Abrazo

  7. A gorgeous teacup! I haven't seen this pattern before and I love it! Gorgeous color and perfect for Valentine's Day!

  8. Dear Felicity,
    I love your teacup. It is so elegant and gorgeous! Rich, vibrant color and of course, lovely roses.
    I agree with you about pink roses over red.
    Enjoy your beautiful teacup!
    Ruthie from: