Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spain series (5)--- Paella

Hi everyone, I hope that you have had a lovely weekend.

As last week I was a bit down and things came to challenge my way of thinking, I brought the Spanish sunshine in by making my families and I a traditional Spanish dish-- Paella.

You see, I did not use the paella pan to cook it as i could not find one here with reasonable price.

When I was in Valencia, Spain, I had a lot of chances to have this dish as you can see it sold in restaurant and small store as take away.

Paella is originally from Valencia, Spain. If you ever visit Valencia, remember to go visit Albufera as you can taste the authentic paella there with reasonable price, forget about the restaurant in the city. Albufera is the place to go, it's about 20-30 mins taxi ride from the city centre of Valencia.

In albufera, they really cooked paella with open fire using wood to make the fire. Last time I was there, i waited for my order to arrive for about an hour. But it's all worth it as it tasted so good. Also, you got to see the lake and nature in Albufera as it's one of the rice growing area in Valencia.

Today, you can still see the traditional houses that belonged to the villagers in Albufera, also, people are still growing orange trees and rice there. After having the paella, you can pay for a boat ride to have a look at the lake.

I am lucky that I can get ingredient from supermarket here in Hong Kong to make Paella. The rice I bought is really from Valencia.
Nowadays people still are arguing about what ingredients to put in to make the authentic paella. I dont care much about that, you can put in chicken, seafood and rabbit meat to make the paella mixta. I never skip saffron, paprika.

Speaking of paella, the traditional drink sangria is naturally brought up. Here you can see I used tea cup to hold sangria.

Who said that teacups are for tea only?

I like the small hand-painted yellow flowers and something that looks like rice crops surrounding the cup.

Its maker is Wedgwood.

I found a video online and followed the steps when I made paella as I never got to take a look at how to make one when I was in Spain. I was either busy looking at the scenery or talking to people when the locals were making one.

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  1. Hello Felicity,
    I have never had Paella, yours looks quite good to me! How great that you are using rice from Spain. The images are beautiful, and I am thinking I would love to visit Italy.
    Your vintage Wedgwood is very pretty! I use my tea cups for other drinks than tea too. Why not?
    I have never seen this Wedgwood pattern before. It is unique to me.
    Thank you so much for sharing your fab post.

    1. Hi Terri,
      Italy is nice. I always like southern Europe. The people are warmer.
      In Europe, many things are not exported to the international market. The better things stay in the nations.

      Have a nice week.

  2. Paella reminds me of childhood holidays as there was someone who made some in the south of France town where I spent the summer. The post was very interesting.

  3. Hi: Love the beautiful Wedgewood. The Paella looks delightful. I am with you, use the tea cups for what ever you want! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. Mmmm, I love paella Felicity! One of my most favorite dishes. I also don't use a paella pan because I just never got around to buying one of those beautiful pans, or maybe I'm just waiting till I get to Valencia before I buy one. lol I love your little cup, they look like the perfect paella style.

  5. You have cooked a delicious paella.It´s one of my favourite meals and usually I cook it once a week with different ingredients so it´s like a different meal
    Your tea cup is very pretty

  6. Yum, I can taste that delishious paella. My hubby is from La Coruna in nothern Spain. Your Wedwood piece is just lovely, I love the yellow so royal.