Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spain series (1)--- Flamenco and polka dot cup

I always think that if Lady Fate does not give you what you want now, be prepared to receive something even better in future.

So with the slight regret of not having learnt ballet, I went to university. There I tried to rekindle my passion for dancing. After taking the jazz dance and folk dance courses, I found that I must take dancing seriously because I could not forget the joy dancing gave me so I searched online for dancing courses offered by local schools. Initially I was looking for Chinese dancing classes but I came across Flamenco dancing classes instead. Out of curiosity I tried to take Flamenco classes. Little did I know that my little journey of self-discovery in Spain was set in motion already.

With Flamenco in mind, I choose this polka dot cup by Royal Albert. It's got the spirit of Flamenco as polka dot is one of the signatures of Flamenco dancing. It is said that Flamenco was the dance of gypsies and Romanians. In the old days, the gypsy women sewed the small pieces of mirrors all over their dresses because it's believed that those small round mirrors can ward off evil spirits. Later people use polka dot pattern to signify this tradition/supersition and now you can always see Flamenco dancers in polka dot dress.

I was so happy that I tried Flamenco dancing because it's unique in its own way. It's the combination of foot tapping, hand clapping and the graceful movement of body in fast and slow pace with great contrast of weakness and strength. What is most important is that Flamenco allows dancers to shine even when they are in their middle age because it's the dance of emotions and self-experience.

Later in my learning of Flamenco, I tried Bata de Cola, it's another genre of Flamenco dancing with dancers wearing a ruffle dress/skirt with train. The dancers need to keep the train of dress unfold while dancing. I just admire the elegance this dance allows dancers to have.

Though I no longer practise Flamenco, I still enjoy watching Flamenco shows. Why do I stop dancing? Well, it's because I am very stubborn and focus so much on perfections.(once i hurt myself while forcing myself to do the split because of harsh practising) I cannot bear to see myself making mistakes while dancing and there are only one or two teachers here teaching Flamenco. I have to work so I am not able to take dancing as a full time job/hobby. I guess it's too late to take it as a profession. Plus the teachers are more interested in making money than training with a heart. I did make friends with one good teacher but she's in Spain perfecting her skills and she's not interested in teaching Bata de Cola(Flamenco with long trained skirt). I am so happy to have met her and was her student for some time. During my dancing days, I had met nice people and we remain friends still.

The folds are like the secrets of the heart, it's up to you to reveal it or not.

Now I look back, I think that Lady Fate has tied my life to Spain in some way. In my university year, first I came to know Flamenco dancing and then I met a Spaniard a year later (when staying in a host family in Australia), who became one of the most important people in my life. Being friends with him made me understand myself better and open up myself to another world that I had not known and my journey of Spain began with him. We were mirrors to each other. Lessons were hidden in most of our interactions and so I have to thank him and Lady Fate for bringing the opportunity. Well, for some myteries and non-sense, he decided that our friendship should die with the death of his father. And so after the funeral of his father, we never see each other again. I do hope that he finds peace finally because he deserves happiness and peace as much as I do.

It's a pity. Yes, but what I had learnt in Spain made me the person I am today. And so, to salute my favourite country--Spain, I give you the Spain series.

I am joining Tea cup Tuesday with Terri and Martha


  1. OH my goodness! What a performance! What a workout! You must have been in perfect shape to do this kind of energetic and gorgeous dancing! I loved hearing about your desire to dance the flamenco and your tie with Spain. Your skirt is beautiful. I was amazed at how high the frills fly during the dance.
    Your tea cup is sweet! I have seen this one in England in the shops, and I love it .

    1. Dear Terri,
      I am so so sorry for leading you to believe that this is me performing. Oh no, it's just one of my fav clips. I wish I could perform like that.

      I set so high a standard that I often disappoint with myself. I just wish I could turn into a professional.

      Anything with Polka dot pattern reminds me of Flamenco and Spain.


  2. Happy Birthday, Terri. Hope you have a wonderful time in Ashville. Happy shopping

  3. Hi Felicity,
    Oh my goodness I miss Flamenco. I studied for a few years. Now and again I will do a sevillana on the wood floors in front of my full length mirror but that’s about all. I really should take a class here and there. Your lovely cup really is very Flamenco as are the orange and red parrot tulips I planted in my garden to remind me to dance more.

  4. This is a beautiful dress, and the teacup is so pretty. Combined with the story of your dance and romance, even more special.

  5. Hi Felicity.
    What an interesting post you presented us with! I must admit I didn't know much about Flamenco dancing but you got me interested in it just by reading your text! And now I know the reason why so many of these dresses have the polka dot patterns. I also loved to know about the connections you have with Spain...and the Spanish!!!
    To crown it all you shared a beautiful Royal Albert cup and saucer in amazing photos on that stunning violet dress!
    Congratulations for the post.

  6. This was a deep and interesting post to read. Flamenco is so graceful. I'm always impressed how dancers manage to be both powerful and delicate. I guess the dresses had a lot of interest as they are fully part of the dance. The teacup is lovely, especially the pedestal.

  7. Wow fabulous post, fantastic story, I love watching flamingo dancers, and danced a lot when I was younger, I loved it, I used to say I had music running through my veins LOL.. the tea cup is so pretty and with that gorgeous dress stunning together. Thanks for your lovely post..